150 FIVB Courses scheduled in 2015


LAUSANNE, Switzerland, February 6, 2015 - Lists of approved Volleyball Cooperation Programme (VCP) Courses, Coaches Courses and Technical Seminars were released on Friday following meetings of the Development Commission and Coaching Commission at the FIVB headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. As many as 150 courses are scheduled for the year ahead.


The first event on the Coaches Courses and Technical Seminars calendar is to take place in Bahrain from March 8-12 in the form of a Young Players Technical Seminar. A Teachers Course in Ethiopia from March 15-19 will kick off this year’s schedule of VCP activities.


The objectives of the FIVB Coaches Courses are to improve the knowledge of coaches and teachers so that they can obtain recognition as FIVB coaches, to present the most recent trends in the game of volleyball, to establish a unified system for training coaches in all zones, to enable each national federation to develop national courses and an internal method of training and qualifying coaches and teachers, to exchange ideas and experiences.


The FIVB Technical Seminars programme, on the other hand, is intended for technicians (with experience as volleyball players or coaches) looking to improve their knowledge of different volleyball techniques. These seminars usually feature world-renowned volleyball coaches and instructors and associate players for practical demonstrations.


The Volleyball Cooperation Programme has been the essence of the FIVB’s development strategy since 1989. The main objective of the programme is to generate permanent development of the sport and ensure that both volleyball and beach volleyball grow roots in regions and countries where they are not so well established. The VCP offers a wide variety of courses that aim to satisfy needs at a grassroots level and educate and motivate young people, teachers and coaches to participate in volleyball and beach volleyball.