Finance Commission meets in Santo Domingo


SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic – The NORCECA Finance Commission held its annual meeting in Santo Domingo on Saturday April 28.


The meeting was presided over by Margarette Graham of Haiti and attended by NORCECA President Cristobal Marte Hoffiz and Treasurer Wilbur Harrigan. Other members of the commission present at the meeting were Eric Ogenia, Earlene Pereira, Olga Rivas, Victor Gil and Miguelina Martinez.


The meeting started with the welcome words by Marte Hoffiz, who presented a report of the presidential activities in 2018 as well as all the events that took place in the previous years.


Mme Rivas made a detailed report on the execution of the NORCECA budget as well as a report based on the assistance offered to the zonal associations under the umbrella of NORCECA.


The commission received and approved the financial statements to be presented to the NORCECA Board of Administration.


The commission also analyzed the financial evolution of NORCECA, the investment on the development plan as well as the assistance to National Federations to organize and participate in the volleyball and beach volleyball events.


Pereira and Ogenia presented their reports as internal auditors while Rivas and Martinez explained all matters related to the financial situation of the confederation.