A great year for Volleyball Regional Development


TIJUANA, México, January 14, 2015 - Development has been a key topic at the Meetings of the Norceca Volleyball Confederation.


The Development Commission held its work sessions after the conclusion of Beach Volleyball’s. According to the President of the Confederation, Cristobal Marte Hoffiz, all the subjects  have resulted successful.


And as part of Development, the work done in the respective centers have been important to train and qualify personnel in a proper way.


The work done at the Centers in Santo Domingo and Baja California has been crucial focusing in Level I courses for coaches as well as Courses for reception and liberos, as well as for Physical Education teachers that have even taken part, in some other countries of Central America.


“There is no questions that these activities have generated a positive impact in the countries where courses have been taken,” said Marte Hoffiz.


Coaches, players and instructors from some other countries from South America and even Europe have arrived either in Santo Domingo or Baja California, Mexico, to participate in this exercise.


Referees and national line judges. Also a mini volleyball festival took part in the Dominican Republic for both genders. “We hold two festivals a year, one for boys and one for girls, we scout our talent at those events. So if one of the countries is interested, the Norceca is here to provide you the support and assistance,” Marte Hoffis remarked.


In 2014 the city of Tijuana hosted the Course and Seminar for Physical Education teachers, directed by Swedish coach and instructor Tony Westman, who shared the tools and work strategies developed by the FIVB, to have a closer approach to the physical culture through the implementation of ludic models to the youngsters and children.