AFECAVOL is back to the court with the U21 Beach Volleyball Central American Championship

Guatemala City, Guatemala, September 30, 2021. - Actions on the sand returns for the U21 national teams with the XIII U21 Beach Volleyball Central American Championship running from Octubre 1-3 in Guatemala City.


The official site are the sand courts at the “City of Sports”, where tournament favorite is Nicaragua, while finishing champions in the past 2019 edition at Campo Marte, also in Guatemala.


Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua registered two teams per gender, while Panama competes with one women’s team and two men, and Belize with only one team in men; for a total of 11 women duos and 13 male.


This 2021 is a year of renovation and medalists from the past edition, current champions Jefferson Cascante of Nicaragua will compete with Kevin Hilario, as team number 1 and fellow countrymen Carlos Solís and Christopher Cascante (bronze), as team 2, as well as duos Paola Alvarado and Laura Quiñones (silver) and Shanna Rivera along with Aura Cruz (bronze), both from Guatemala will compete in the women’s field.


The preliminary round consists of pool-play; men are divided in 4 groups and women in 3, the first day of competition starts this Friday at 9:00 am (local time) with a total of 20 matches.



Pool A: NCA 1, PAN, GUA 2; Pool B: GUA 1, HON 1, CRC 2, ESA 2; Pool C: CRC 1, ESA 1, NCA 2, HON 2



Pool A: NCA 1, CRC 2, GUA 2; Pool B: BIZ, PAN 1, NCA 2; Pool C: CRC 1, ESA 1, HON 2; Pool D: GUA 1, HON 1, ESA 2, PAN 2


Women’s Teams:

Ángel Williams/Ximena Núñez (CRC 1) Kianny Araya/Ana Fallas (CRC 2)

Mirella González/Dana Funes (ESA 1) Daniela Sánchez/Daniela López (ESA 2)

Paola Alvarado/Laura Quiñonez (GUA 1) Joselyn Muñoz/Ana Arévalo (GUA 2)

Shanna Rivera/Aura Cruz (HON 1) Reizel Bruhier/Shantte Siliezar (HON 2)

Grace Zeledon/Nahima Silva (NCA 1) Yohali Lugo/Kadderli Salazar (NCA 2)

Karla Ortíz/Kriseleen González (PAN)


Men’s Teams:

Wilder Martínez/Ernesto Escobar (BIZ)

José Fernández/Andru Jones (CRC 1) Julián Araya/Jhostin Varela (CRC 2)

Christopher Guardado/Yoel Guardado (ESA 1) Gabriel Vargas /Andrés Gómez (ESA 2)

José Izaguirre/Roberto Recinos (GUA 1) Jeffrey Porres/Nestor Gutiérrez - (GUA 2)

Ever Allen/Kevin Herrera (HON 1) Derry Cooper/Alexander McLaughlin (HON 2)

Jefferson Cascante/Kevin Hilario (NCA 1) Carlos Solís/Cristopher Cascante (NCA 2)

Kevin Acosta/John Montenegro (PAN 1) José Vásquez/Rommy Santos (PAN 2)