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All set in Nassau for the start of Beach Volleyball tournaments

NASSAU, Bahamas, July 17, 2017 – The double-gender beach volleyball tournament of the Bahamas 2017 Youth Commonwealth Games is hours away from serving off in a high standard venue located at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Center in downtown Nassau.

Members of the Control Committee –all from NORCECA Confederation- made an inspection visit to the main competition area and its dependencies on Sunday and came out impressed with the existing facilities for players, referees and supporting personnel.

“There are two very good playing courts of high quality and a warm-area which reflects the work done by the organizers ahead of the start of the competition,” said Mushtaque Mohammed, who presides over the group of supervisors.

Veteran Andre Trottier of Canada, referee manager, conducted a clinic for line judges and scorers to secure the proper running of the event.

“They are all well trained and there is no concern at all about their capabilities to do a good job,” said the much experienced Trottier.

Steve Owen, director of the competition, said 10 female teams and 12 male teams will take part in the competition. The female pairs will be divided into two pools of three and one pool of four teams for the preliminary phase. The male teams will play in four pools of three teams. 

The preliminary inquiry and the technical meeting will take place on Monday evening at the player’s hotel.

“I am anticipating an exciting competition in both tournaments and I am pretty sure that beach volleyball will be one of the main attraction of the Games as it was the case in the last two editions of the Olympics in London and Rio,” said Mohammed.

“It is a youth competition so at the same time the Commonwealth Games offer also a unique opportunity to promote cultural exchange and friendship,” Mohammed added.