Bonaire planning to develop the sport of volleyball


BONAIRE, April 16, 2012 - Bonaire is just starting to take baby steps in the game but is determined to go all the way to developing the sport of volleyball in the island and with the help of NORCECA through its development program, they have a lot of plans.


They recently took part in the CAZOVA Women’s Junior Championship held in St. Croix, Virgin Islands.


Firstly there is a partnership with the primary schools to start the development of volleyball in schools and through this, start a program for talented players starting with kids of 10 to 12 years old.


Also the federation is planning to start helping with material in the high school so that they can start competition in the different ages and more children can learn to play volleyball.  Competition will follow to assist the Federation identifying talent for national youth and junior team programmes.


The federation also have plans to begin working with the community centres and organise tournaments for kids helping them with material and starting tournaments to introduce the sport to the kids.


The federation will continue with the mini volleyball championship to strengthten the base for volleyball. The senior championship will continue with more club teams.


In a summary:

- Start a talent programme for kids from 10-12 years.

- Start with tournaments under the children of the high school.

- Start working with the communities centres to promote volleyball.

- Organizations of courses for the coaches

- To form a commission of referees.

- To get help from NORCECA to upgrade coaches.

- To have different selections in training full time.