Mayaguez BVB event to be played on Saturday and Sunday


MAYAGUEZ, Puerto Rico, August 24, 2012 – The start of the Mayaguez Beach Volleyball Tournament in Puerto Rico, the seventh stop of the 2012 NORCECA Circuit was postponed on Friday because of the weather conditions as consequence of the pass of tropical storm Isaac near the island.


The double gender event, with the participation of players from fifteen countries, will be held on Saturday and Sunday, according to Arnaldo Sanchez, technical director of the competition.


The General Technical Meeting was held at Holiday Inn Hotel of Mayaguez in the presence of Mr. Nelson Perez Cruz, President of Puerto Rico Volleyball Federation, and representatives of the Municipality of Mayaguez and the Foundation 2010.


“We are very pleased to welcome all the players to Puerto Rico and I wish you  the best of luck during the competition,” Perez Cruz said. “I hope the conditions will improve and we can have a successful event as we want to establish this event in Mayaguez as a regular stop in the NORCECA Circuit.”


Perez Cruz also praised the efforts made by Foundation 2010 to organize the competition and also Mr. Arnaldo Sanchez whom he defined as the person responsible for bringing beach volleyball to its current position in NORCECA.


Roosevelt Comarazamy thanked the organizers for hosting the event and welcomed players, referees and volunteers on behalf of the president of NORCECA, Mr. Cristóbal Marte Hoffiz.


“We are very pleased to have beach volleyball back in Puerto Rico after a couple of years of absence,” he said. “On behalf of Mr. Marte Hoffiz we want to express our gratitude to Puerto Rico National Federation for once again hosting one international event.”


The official list of participants is as follows:



Rawle Lee/Paul Richards (ANT), Mitchel Daniel/Eargenell De Cuba (ARU), Grant O´Gorman/Samuel Pedlow (CAN-A), Simon Fecteau-Botin/Cameron Wheelan (CAN-B), Shervin Rankin/Richard Campbell (CAY), Derwin Colina/Homi Cathalina (CUR), Julio Recinos/Luis Garcia (GUA), Julian Bissette/Joseph Clercent (LCA), Roberto Rodriguez/Erick Haddock (PUR-A), Orlando Irizarry/Pablo Guzman (PUR-B), Jose Rivera/Fernando Morales (PUR-C), Fabien Whitfield/Daniel Williams (TRI).



Rosemarie Simon/Sharon Payne (ANT), Kalia NG/Alexandra Hudson (CAN-A), Victoria Cowley/Jacqueline Tait (CAN-B),Jenifer Bily/Cristin Alaxander (CAY), Ingrid Morales/Natalia Alfaro (CRC), Deborah Constanzo/Karla Montilla (DOM), Diana Romero/Marcela Avalos (ESA), Vanessa Virgen/Martha Revuelta (MEX), Jamie Farley/Laurie Bachler (ISV), Yarleen Santiago/Yamileska Yantin (PUR-A), Darian Acevedo/Tatiana Encarnacion (PUR-B), Nancy Philip/Pauline Woodroffe (TRI).