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Bahamas Games actions open with 12 matches in Day One


NASSAU, Bahamas, July 18, 2017 – The Beach Volleyball Tournament of the Youth Commonwealth Games Bahamas 2017 gets underway with twelve matches –six per gender- at Beach Soccer Stadium on Tuesday starting at 9:00.


Ella Akkerman and Jasmine Pepi-Milton of New Zealand meet Tenayestigni Joseph and Tiah Arnold of St Lucia in the first female contest of the day, while New Zealand’s Tyran Gillepsie and Keegan Tai Joe chash against England’s twins Luis Javier Bello and Joaquín Bello to open the male’s actions under partially cloudy skies.


Australia’s Rebecca Ingram and Carrie Van Rensburg go against England’s Yasmine Kaashoek and Elena Austin at 9:50 and simultaneously South Africa’s Lukholo Jooste and Aviwe Mamfaya take on Cyprus’ Constantino Skordis and Sotiris Siapanis.


The morning session closes with Tysan Selvon and Ebony Williams of Trinidad and Tobago meeting Rwanda’s Valentine Munezero and Penelope Musabyimana in the girls’ event while Damien Aisi and Tonnie Gima of Papua New Guinea play Ghana’s Kelvin Carboo and Eric Tsatsu in the boys’ competition.


The female actions resume starting at 12:00, when Vanuatu’s Rose Mary Louise and Luduine Tebeim meet Scotland’s Emma Waldie and Jennifer Lee, followed by the matches between Bahamas’ Michele Moss and LaTavia Braynen and England’s Kaashoek/Austin and New Zealand’s Joseph/Arnold versus Rwanda’s Munezero/Musabyimana.


The male actions continue with Jamaica’s Javarie James and Daunte Smith facing England’s Bello/Bello, St Lucia’s Levi Leone and Kyhim Remy against Australia’s Mark Nikolaidis and James Takken and Nathan Wert and Kyle Wilson of Bahamas-A pitted against Cyprus’ Skordis/Siapanis.


Women’s Pools Composition

Pool A: Bahamas, Australia and England. Pool B: Jamaica, Vanuatu and Scotland. Pool C: New Zealand, Trinidad & Tobago, Rwanda and St Lucia.


Men’s Pools Composition

Pool A: Bahamas-A, South Africa, Cyprus. Pool B: St. Lucia, Australia, Bahamas-B. Pool C: Jamaica, New Zealand and England. Pool D: Trinidad & Tobago, Papua New Guinea and Ghana.