Brayelin and Jineiry spark good start of Dentil Praia

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, December 9, 2020 – The Dominican Martínez sisters -Brayelin and Jineiry- are two of the main contributors to the jumping start of Dentil Praia Clube of the Brazilian Women’s Superleague.

The opposite Brayelin currently leads the scoring category with 101 points in the 7 victories of her team (all but one in straight sets) and twice has been presented with the VivaVoley trophy as the best player of those victories.

In her second season with Dentil Praia, the towering Brayelin is second in points by sets (4.81) with 101 in 21 frames behind Ana Cristina Souza (4.91) who has 79 in 16 sets.

On the other hand, the middle blocker Jineiry, who is in her first year in Brazil, leads the Superleague in attacks efficiency with 63% (37 of 59) ahead of veteran Brazilian Olympian Adenizia Silva who has landed 50 out of 84 attempts (60%).

Jineiry, who already has one VivaVolley hardware, and Brayelin return into action next Friday when Dentil Praia (7-0) risks its undefeated record againt Sesi Bauru (5-1).