Brazil finish in seventh place, after 3-1 victory over Germany


Tijuana, Mexico, October 12, 2013 - Brazil finished in seventh place at FIVB Women’s U23 World Championship after a 3-1 victory against Germany on Saturday 25-20, 25-17, 20-25, 25-15.


The captains of both teams finished as top scorers of the match that lasted 1 hour and 42 minutes at the High Performance Center.


Ellen Braga tallied 18 points for Brazil (including 5 blocks). She was followed by Glauciele Silva, who recorded 13 points, while Gabriella Souza and Francynne Jacinto scored 10 apiece.


Jenniffer Geerties scored 15 for Germany as well as Rebecca Schäperklaus. Wiebke Silge scored 11 and Katharina Schwabe 10. Silge and Schwabe had 3 blocking kills apiece.


Brazil played a very consistent game in the first two sets, despite the difference was closed in the first one. However, in the second, Germany ended with deficit of 8 points.


Germany had a comeback in the third set and even reached a 10-3 advantage as well as  good defense. Blocking game was even up to the third with 7 kill points on each side of the net.


However the service made the diference for Germany leading 6-1 in aces at the time of the third set. Schwabe and Schwertmann worked hard in the net. Brazil tried to make some adjustements but Germany could closed he set in their favor.


The European team finished with a total of 7 team aces (3 by Wiebke Silge and 2 by Rebecca Schäpperklaus) while the South Americans aced two times (Jacintho and Braga).


Germany showed a solid reception (25 excellent attempts against 15 by Brazil), but Brazilian defense had 23 excellent collective attempts and Germany 15.


Ellen Braga, captain of Brazil: Congratulations to Germany for the match. We felt a little bit better, but we go with some kind of a sad feeling that we  knew that we could go for more and to get a medal. But I want to congratulate  all the team that went out and play.


Jenniffer Geerties, captain of Germany: Congratulations to Brazil. They did a very good job. I think we had more control in our system than yesterday and our reception was also very well. But in the end, It was also Brasil that had a better block and defense.


Jens Tietbohl, Coach of Germany: We are really happy about this eighth place at the World Championship because our setter and opposites didn’t have a high level like the other teams. So with our performance we are really really happy and now we can celebrate it. In the end w ego with a lot of positive things.


Claudio Lopes Pinheiro, coach of Brazil: Today our team had a very good result. But we are still dealing with the fact that we could not get into the semifinals. It was good to finish in the classification round but we feel that we don’t deserve it. Afterall this was a great learning experience for everybody, players organization and I congratulate everybody and the FIVB for the iniciative of a U23 World Championship.