Bryan Shavar enjoys a day at the Village


NANJING, China, August 23, 2013 - Jamaican player Bryan Shavar, has lived his first olympic experience at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Games. After finishing his participation in the tournament, he has a chance to enjoy his stay at the modern Youth Olympic Village.

Most of the athletes will remain until the end of the games in the city of Nanjing, for the Closing Ceremony as part of a big celebration that looks to reunite all the people and all the countries.

The player has got the chance to go around the village and make new friends, as well as hanging out with some of his delegation mates, that are still competing in disciplines like track and field.

As representatives of the Norceca Volleyball Confederation, Bryan and Rojey Hutchinson have made history, despite any results, along with the rest of the zone teams that granted a ticket to the games in Asia.

Now is tame to take a walk across the village by follwing some of the daily activities, such as festivals, dances and visits to interactive pavillions, such as thematic fairs with stands dedicated to every competing country.

It has been a long trip, but also a big learning curve by facing teams like Brazil, Germany and even Congo, in a very tight match in Pool Phase that was defined by scores of 21-23 and 17-21.

Both, Shavar and Hutchinson have tried to get the best of it as well as some other players like Ajai Sweeney and Carlos Rosa, from the Virgin Islands, as another couple that claimed a ticket to China. They even faced Puerto Rico’s “beach rats” Figueroa and Danny, whose game style was considered as an innovation at this tournament.

Also at these games there is a very important contribution by the Guatemalans boys, Mar Mark David Andre Álvarez and Erik Gerardo Flores, who concluded their participation with a victory over Burundi 2-0 (21-16, 21-16).

When talking about olympics and Jamaica, the first idea that comes to mind is Usain Bolt. However more than 20 years ago, a Jamaican Bobsleigh team was an inspiration for a movie called “Cool Runnings” after their participation at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada.

Probably those athletes were not the favorites, but won the people’s heart. Bryan and Rojey were not even born at the time, but like that Bobsleigh team, they are now part of history in Nanjing by going beyond their limits.