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Champions of Ocho Ríos go for another podium in Varadero


VARADERO, Cuba, July 14, 2017 – Jamie Broder and Sophie Bukovec (Canada-A) make their debut against Brenda Allen/Genelke Howell (St Kitts & Nevis) as they start their march to the highest step of the pódium like in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, now playing for the first time in Varadero for the fourth stop of the Beach Volleyball NORCECA Circuit.


In the same Pool C, Guatemalans Natalia Giron and Estephanie Bethancourt play against Paulette Cruz and Stephanie Burnside of Mexico-A.


The opening of the competition that takes place in Varadero since 2011 correspond to the titleholders of La Paz, Mexico and Cayman Islands, Leila Martinez and Lidianny Echevarría (Cuba-A) against Mexican youngsters of team B, Silvia Hendrick and Estefanía Ibarra in Pool A.


At the same time, in another of the three courts set up for the competition, Nicaragua’s Swan Mendoza and Lolette Rodríguez go against Jace Pardon/Lara Dykstra (USA-B), the favored to win.


The vice champions of Ocho Rios 2017, Lianma Flores and Yanileydis Sanchez (Cuba-C) start in Pool D against Guadeloupe duo of Fanny Katarzayski and Stephanie Rousell, while compatriots of Cuba-B Maylén Delis and Arlin Hechavarría will be tested internationally against the second Canadian team of Megan Nagy and Marie Christine Lapointe.


Friday’s schedule features 16 qualification matches and the two best teams from each pool will be decided on Saturday when the quarterfinals take place. The semifinals and finals will be decided on Sunday.


Pools Composition

Pool A: Cuba-A (Leila Martínez/Lidianny Echevarría); USA-B (Jace Pardon/Lara Dykstra); Nicaragua (Swan Mendoza/Lolette Rodríguez); México-B (Silvia Hendrick/Estefanía Ibarra).


Pool B: Canadá-B (Megan Nagy/Marie Christine Lapointe); Islas Vírgenes Estadounidense-B (Melanie Valenciana/Katherine Wanket); Costa Rica (Yulianna González Alfaro/Natalia Alfaro); Cuba-B (Maylén Delis/Arlin Hechavarría).


Pool C: Canadá-A (Jamie Broder/Sophie Bukovec); Guatemala (Natalia Girón/Estephanie Bethancourt); México-A (Paulette Cruz/Stephanie Burnside); Sant Kitts y Nevis (Brenda Allen/Genelle Howell).


Pool D: Cuba-C (Lianma Flores/Yanileydis Sánchez); Islas Vírgenes Estadounisense-A (Manika Charles/Amber Bennett); USA-A (Karissa Cook/Katherine Spieler); Guadalupe (Fanny Katarzayski/Stephanie Rousell).