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Children’s volleyball fest, a success in Baja California 

TIJUANA, México, December 18, 2017 –The Children’s “Volleyball your way” fest was a big success after a huge response of participants at the FIVB-Norceca Regional Development Centre.

More tan 500 attendants among youngsters and coaches lived a great experience on the six courts that were installed on a football field, where the clinical and fundamentals’ practices took place as well as some matches.

Coaches like Ana Ibis Díaz and Oscar Licea, directed some of the sessions that were preceeded by warm-up activities. Also international FIVB instructors Argelio Hernández and Juan Cartagena, as well as Mexican Olympic player and Norceca Confederation member César Osuna Brambila.

The festival was also a very important platform for talent search and prospect scouting due to the high concentration of boys and girls.

“We found several kids with great skills for volleyball in this festival, we feel glad for that,” said Díaz, who was part of the National and Olympic teams of Cuba. “We are very happy to be here. These kind of events are very important for our sport,” said Juan Cartagena.

“Basically Mini Volleyball is a level when the development work is stronger for Norceca and FIVB. This kind of events are very useful and this strenght is the base of volleyball,” he added.

“The FIVB looks forward to organise more events like this during competitions like the Grand Prix and the World League. The festivals are held simultaneously outside the Stadium or the official venues and they have been successful in terms of massification and development,” Cartagena mentioned.

“I´m glad for Mexico, for taking this initiative through the Development Centre of Baja California. This is one of the most successful centres in volleyball,” he stated.

On behalf of the Centre´s General Director and Head of the Baja California Sports and Physical Culture Institute, Saul Castro Verdugo, Operations Director, Alberto Arreola, appreciated the support of the attendance and instructors for the good response in this first edition of the Volleyball Festival. He stated that a second edition is expected to take place in 2017 in the city of Mexicali.