Chile finishes fifth in the U20 Pan American Cup

LIMA, Peru, May 17, 2019 - Chile finished in fifth place in the V Pan-American Cup U20- Herbalife Cup, after defeating Honduras 3-1 (25-11, 25-13, 22-25, 25- 12) at the Manuel Bonilla Coliseum in Miraflores.

Chile took the first two sets without difficulties. For the third set, Chile's coach, Eduardo Guillaume rotated his starting attackers, Honduras took advantage to make his best game and with greater concentration in his plays would force the fourth set.

 In the last episode, the Chileans controlled their actions and showed all their offensive power to keep the fifth slot of the competition.

The winners outscored in attack (55-35), blocking (7-4) and service (13-1). Chile committed 21 errors and Honduras 22.

The South American team controlled all aspects of the game led by their top scorers: Gracelyn Carvalho with 21 points, Constanza Silva with 18 and Gabriela Badilla with Beatriz Novoa got 14 points each. On the rival side, the Honduran captain, Nathaly Pérez reached the maximum of 19 points.

Eduardo Guillaume, coach of Chile: It was a difficult match after playing two matches to five sets, which we were winning but we let them escape. We have been working with this group for a year, but I am optimistic, we can say that Chile is a stronger team that fights more in defense but we still have to learn to win, that is fundamental. This tournament leaves me the feeling that we are improving, Chile today plays better.

 In this fifth edition of the U20 Cup, Chile improves the eighth spot achieved in the 2017 edition. Its best position was the fourth place in 2015.

Honduras has one game remaining, this Saturday 18 will open the final day playing against Guatemala for the sixth place of the 2019 Herbalife Cup.