Chinese soil, Latin Flavor


NANJING, China, August 27, 2014.- Beach Volleyball Finals at Olympic Sports Park had an special touch.


It was not only a first class venue installed at these premises. There were many favourite teams that even carried with the support of their fans and delegation members, organizers tried to set a great athmosphere.


It was China. However in some moments it sounded like Latin America. The “Oles” like in bullfighting as well as the music that combined sounds like salsa, samba and spanish trumpet. Every note turned on the vibes on the spectators, play by play.


Cheerleaders were also present, like in some of the stops at the Norceca Continental Tour. And of course the local sound announcers always asked the fans to stand up and sit down immediately simulating the movement of a wave, despite the sea is far away from the Nanjing zone.


This was not a limit to bring the sand to this sector, where the Chinese fans and foreign visitors enjoyed the experience of beach volleyball.


Even the International Olympic Committee President, Thomas Bach, confirmed the high expectations raised during the tournament.


It is expected that in a couple of years, for the senior Olympic Games of Rio 2016, beach volleyball will be one of the biggest attractions due to the tradition that has taken part in Brazil. Nanjing was just the beginning.