Coaches comments about their Pan Am Cup teams

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, September 2, 2021 – The coaches of the six teams participating in the Fifteenth Men’s Volleyball Pan American Cup, commented about their squads, on the eve of the start of the competition.

Here the excerpts of their statements:

Ben Josephson, Canada: “Our goal is to play all seven matches and hopefully be in the last match of the tournament. We are bringing a young team that includes university players. The age average of our team is 21 and only three players who competed in Durango are part of this squad. Our young players are really excited to compete at this high level.”

José Mañón, Dominican Republic: “The team is now much better than for the Continental, which served us in preparation for this one because before the Continental we had a year and a half without training. The team is now in better shape and we must have a good tournament and I think we should be in the final. That is what the public is waiting for”.

Jorge Azair, Mexico: “The team is more or less the same that played the NORCECA with the only change made was the one of Pedro Rangel for the U23 setter Alejandro Mendoza. We come with the rhythm of Durango with the idea of getting points, consolidating the classification and why not, winning the competition”.

Alberto Torres, Puerto Rico: “It is a continuation of the young group we are working for the renovation of our national team. We are looking to give these young players the necessary exposition to the high level and prepare ahead of the world championship we classified in Durango at NORCECA Championship.”

Augusto Sabbatini, Suriname: “The team has trained hard in Suriname. They are not professional players since they have to work during the day and train at night. The team has improved over the last three months and the desire to progress is evident in the eyes of the players. Both in the technical and in the tactical part the team is very good and we hope to do a good job in this Pan American Cup”.

Andy Reid, United States: “USA is bringing a very different team than other NORCECA Championships. We are very excited and for some of these new era players it will be their first international competition. I think that for some other teams it would be the same. The tournament will be very exciting for all teams.”