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Costa Rica aiming to continue reigning at AFECAVOL U-18


TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, August 16, 2017. – Costa Rica will be seeking their eighth title as the XII AFECAVOL Girls’ U-18 Central American Championship is set to get underway on Thursday in Honduras.


On the eve of the event, coaches indicated to be eager to start the actions while this will be the first international experience for most of their players. Nicaragua is scheduled to arrive late on Wednesday night.


Delio Arruebarrena, Belize: “My team brings a good preparation and is ready to compete, for me concentration will be the main issue to control in our performance and it will play an important role to finish in a good position. Six players are born in 2002 and six in 2006. Two players competed at the U-20 championship, giving confidence to the group”.


Mario Romero, Costa Rica: “Being the title holder comes with great responsibility, the pressure is a positive factor because it moves us to perform at our best. The team is well prepared; it has been a group effort between the Federation, coaching staff, and players, in addition to the parents support, a key factor at this age-group category. I consider that my team can win the title once more”.


Eric Hernández, El Salvador: “The team has been practicing for six months. Three of my players were part of the U-20 national team that competed recently in Belize and for the rest this will be their first international experience. My goal is to finish among the top two”.


Julio Domínguez, Guatemala: “Every team here comes with a backpack full of illusion, hopes and dreams, with the desire of putting to the test their hard work. Among the players is Paola Alvarado, she has been part of several processes, including senior and also Jimena Castellanos who has competed internationally. We hope to reach our goals; one of them is finishing among the medalists”.


Catarine Leiva, Honduras: “I am coming with big expectations, my girls are very excited after Honduras finished second a couple of weeks ago at the U-20 AFECAVOL championship; Nathaly Perez was a key player in that event and she has taken charge spreading the energy to the entire team. At the beginning I was motivating the team to have a decent competition, but that has changed; the girls have exploded in emotion. This is a very young team that is ready to fight”.