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Costa Rica struggles to beat Belize in first outing


MANAGUA, Nicaragua, December 11, 2017. – Costa Rica struggled to beat Belize 3-0 (25-19, 25-23, 25-15) in their first outing at the women’s Volleyball tournament at the eleventh Central American Games Managua 2017 being held at Alexis Argüello sport complex.


Belize surprised Costa Rica while storming with the lead in both sets one and two. The Belizean gals performed firmly to prevail with a four point margin in set one and a spectacular six point lead in set two. It wasn’t until point 12 in set one and point 16 in set two that Costa Rica managed to finish on top. Costa Rica controlled the actions in set three leaving Belize without options to recover.


Costa Rica effectivity reflected mostly in their 29-17 margin in kills. They also did better in blocking (8-7) and serves (9-6) but not by much. Costa Rica scored on 29 opponent errors and allowed 27 on theirs.


Middle blocker Mijal Hines led Costa Rica with 12 points including 7 impressive blocks and opposite Paola Ramirez scored 10. Opposite Shantell Arnold scored 15 points on the Belizean side.


On day three of the event, Costa Rica (1-0) will play against Honduras (1-0) and Belize has a rest day.


Captain of Costa Rica Mijal Hines: “It was a bumpy match, this was our debut and in the end what matters is the positive outcome. We are surprised how much Belize has improved, nevertheless we were calm and our experience was crucial to finish winning. We must be concentrated and organized; we should listen to our coaches’ instructions and follow every game plan”.


Head coach of Costa Rica Cesar Salas: “In the first two sets our reception was completely off. Our spikes are powerful, but with bad reception the ball won’t reach the setter. We want to keep on performing strong like we did in set three. It’s natural to have difficulties in your first performance, it’s not the same playing than practicing; I am sure that Costa Rica will keep on growing”.


Top scorer of Belize Shantell Arnold: “We are very satisfied with our performance, what we need is to close our sets because we started real well and we just need to maintain the lead to finish off. We were expecting a difficult match, they are more experienced, but honestly we thought we could have played five sets. We need a little more preparation”.


Head coach of Belize Delio Arruebarrena: “My team was in control up to point 16 in both sets one and two; our lack of international experience took the best of us and there are things you can only learn by playing. My players have improved and we are in route to having more stability and more effective serves”.