Cuba beats Uruguay for fifth place


LIMA, Peru, July 30, 2019 - Sergio González and Luis Reyes of Cuba, finished in fifth place in men's beach volleyball of the XVIII Pan American Games in Lima 2019 by winning 2-0 (21-17, 21-16) to Uruguay (Mauricio Vieyto / Marco Cairus).


González/Reyes took the rematch of the group stage when Vieyto / Cairus prevailed in the first game of the tournament.


Cuba, bronze medalist in Toronto 2015, lost the quarterfinals duel against Chile, while Uruguay fell into a vibrant duel against Argentina in the same phase.


Brazil, with Oscar Brandao and Thiago Barbosa, was in seventh place by beating Rolando Hernández /José Gómez, from 21-17, 21-11.


Luis Reyes: “We wanted to be among the medals, the game against Chile took us out of that possibility, but we had to be among the best five and we won the next two games, we returned to the rematch of the first game against Uruguay, I think we show a more stable level, more concentrated and that helped us. I'm 20 years old, Sergio has transmitted a lot to me in the different tournaments we've played, I have power, but that's not all in this sport.


Sergio González: “We had the forecast to be among the first five, to ratify the medal won in Toronto, but it could not. As a team of Cuba the tournament has been acceptable, despite the loss to Chile. It was not a bad tournament, it was played quite well and I think overall it was satisfactory. ”