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Cuba trounces St. Lucia at the Women’s Continental Championship


Langley, British Columbia, CANADA. September 29, 2017:   Cuba is 2-0 after another win today at the NORCECA Senior Women’s Continental Championship and World Championship Qualification Tournament (Group B).


Today they made quick work of the Caribbean side 3-0 (25-6, 25-6, 25-12) in a match that lasted only 51 minutes.


Dalila Rodriguez and Beatriz Hernandez each scored 10 points for Cuba.  Hernandez had five aces included in her tally.


This puts Cuba in a World Championship qualifying position and sets up Saturday for a showdown with host Canada.

Wilfredo Robinson Pupo, head coach of Cuba :  “Our main goal here is to develop our players for competition. Some are very young and we’re hoping to give them experience. ….  Tomorrow’s match (vs Canada) will be a tougher match and a very exciting match for the volleyball fans watching.”


Sulian Matienzo, Cuba Captain: “Canada and Cuba – we know each other very well, and they will be a very competitive team for us.”


Kendell Charlery, head coach of St. Lucia:  “We had a bit of a slow start with the girls taking a little while to get going, but we showed a little resilience at the end. I think we could have won a few more points. Again, our reception cost us a lot of points, but one more game to go and we’ll try to improve.”


 “It does. It shows that we’re getting better every game. We’ve played some really good teams and they’re catching a little bit of a vibe, and I like that. They pretty young and this is a good experience for them. We’re going to prepare for the next game and hopefully we can do a lot better….. We’re going to take a look at Nicaragua tonight, and prepare to play them tomorrow.”


Cindy Wilson – St. Lucia Captain : “Our passing was better than yesterday, but we were unable to execute because Cuba is a bigger and stronger team than us.”


“We blocked a lot of balls. We got a hand on the ball a lot more today, but we still need to work more on our defence.”


“We are very excited to play Nicaragua tomorrow, because right now we have nothing to lose, and just need to go into tomorrow and enjoy the game.”