DIRECTV of Puerto Rico to promote Beach National Circuit


SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, June 6, 2013 – The 1st Puerto Rican National Beach Volleyball Circuit presented by DIRECTV Puerto Rico will consist of three events to be held at different locations of the island in the period of June-August, it was announced in a press conference held on Tuesday.


The cities of Carolina, Mayaguez and Fajardo are hosting the events where the top national beach volleyball players will take part.


Arnaldo Perez, director of programs of DIRECTV, commented on their support of the local sports for the benefit of its subscribers.


“The National Beach Volleyball Circuit will allow the fans of beach volleyball and our subscribers around the island to enjoy a great event with the best talent of the discipline in action,” he said.


Nelson Perez Cruz, President of the Puerto Rican Volleyball Federation, highlighted the relationship of cooperation between the institution he presides over and DIRECTV.


“We are like a family now after working together in both of our leagues and at international events,” Perez Cruz said. “We wanted to include in this partnership the emotion of beach volleyball.”


He announced the event in Carolina will take place on June 15-16 followed by the action in Mayaguez on July 13-14 and the tournament in Fajardo on August 16-17.


The top Puerto Rican men players of the National Program, Roberto –Rafu- Rodriguez, Erik Haddock, Héctor –Picky- Soto and Victor –Vitito- Rivera, will be alternating partners during the three tournaments, said Enrique Pérez, national technician of the Puerto Rico Volleyball Federation.