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Development, The most important part of our future


SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, October 29, 2017. - Day two of the 24th NORCECA Congress opened with the discussions that led to assert that Development is the most important part of the Confederation’s future in its efforts to become self-sufficient.


Cristobal Marte Hoffiz started the morning session congratulating all members their involvement and active participation “this Confederation belongs to you and I am proud of yesterday’s intervention encouraging you to seek for more funding thru your sport authorities, developing plans that will help you reach your full potential”.


Mushtaque Mohammed presented the Development Commission Report, along with an extent investment summary by Olga Rivas Laureano of NORCECA’s financial department. Mohammed explained NORCECA’s growth in graphic and numerical slides, indicating that Development is the most important asset for our future.


As a result of the increase participation of our teams in the Beach Volleyball NORCECA Circuit, using NORCECA’s rotating fund and development-coaching programs, teams from Costa Rica, Guatemala and Trinidad & Tobago qualified to the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championship, in addition of Costa Rica’s historic Olympic qualification. Also, NORCECA teams have been moving up in world ranking.


Another key component and great achievement of our development program is the recent qualification of Trinidad & Tobago to the 2018 FIVB Women’s World Championship, which will not only bring national investment to their program but that of NORCECA and FIVB financial support for a successful competition.


Mohammed said “we all play a part in these significant results, not only in competing but in gaining development skills in marketing, volleyball information systems, ball retrievers, scorers, volunteers, public relations and more. We must appreciate the benefits that come from using all the tools available for our development that also include follow-up support to identify new areas of opportunities”.


NORCECA Development plans include investments of more than three million dollars that included sport equipment, financial aid for youth and junior programs, sponsoring air fare for the beach volleyball tour, instructors and scholarships for the regional development centers.

Lori Okimura was in charge of presenting the Marketing report with a clear message, “the more we grow, the more opportunities NORCECA will have”.


The marketing commission expressed the need to interact with other commissions for fund raising, build awareness of our brand, capitalize in beach volleyball and refresh how we think about marketing.


In this matter the commission set important goals of reaching out to new sponsors to increase our revenues, encourage everyone to use the #Norceca to reflect that we are one family, tell a story with our logo, create a branding kit which is already available and increase social media followers.


An important proposal approved by congress was the restructure of the marketing commission to face the challenge of reaching sponsorship agreements.


The referee, technical and coaches commission reports were reviewed and presented by Jose Luis Jimenez Lao and Ariel Sainz respectively. The highlights from these two presentations are the creation of a NORCECA referee uniform, a NORCECA ID for coaches, appointed neutral referees to all zonal events and a new competition format for the U-18 Final Four event.


Jaime Lamboy and Giovanni Gautreaux presented the Legal commission report in which the issue of players changing federations was extensively discussed. Athletes will be allowed to change of country of representation among regional member countries pursuant to FIVB sports regulations; if an athlete who has represented a regional member, then represents any national team, it cannot then go back and represent a regional member; and if an athlete has represented a regional member, he/she can change only one time and represent another regional member.