Dominican Republic debuts with a 3-0 win

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, July 12, 2021 – Host Dominican Republic started off on the right foot scoring a straight-set victory 3-0 (25-21, 25-20, 25-16) over Panama in Pool A of the U23 Men’s Volleyball Pan American Cup on Monday.

Luis David Reinoso was the best Dominican scorer with 16 points followed by Juan Gabriel Feliz with 10 points. Denzel Arboine had 10 points as the only Panamanian in double digits.

Each team finished with two aces while the Dominican side had the edge 6-5 in blocks. The winners dominated in attacks 49-28 and made 22 errors to 18 by the losers.

Luis Reinoso, captain of Dominican Republic: “It was a good match, especially for us. We didn’t do anything we had not practice in training. We had good coaching, communicated well and everything resulted as it was foreseen.”

Jose Gutierrez, coach of Dominican Republic: “The first matches are always the most difficult for any team and breaking the ice is the part everyone need to do. It was a balanced match for both sides. Now we need to wait and see if we can get the goal everyone is looking for, qualifying to the Pan Am Games.”

Rodrigo Rodríguez, captain of Panama: “It was an excellent match and we were able to maintain the emotional stability most of the time, except for the final part when some players were a little bit down. But we are satisfied with the job made by the team.”

Javier Gonzalez, coach of Panama: “The match was good. We have a lot of respect for the Dominican team. We came in with the mentality of giving a good show and we did it. So the objective was achieved.”