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Dominican minister presents U18 Team with national flag


SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, March 24, 2017 – The minister of sports of the Dominican Republic presented with the national flag to the members of the national volleyball team to compete next week at the U18 Girls’ Pan American Cup in Havana, Cuba from March 26 to April 3.


The ceremony took place in the offices of the minister Danilo Diaz located at Olympic Center Juan Pablo Duarte in Santo Domingo, where he encouraged the athletes to compete hearts out and to once again bring back home the trophy as champions.


He assured the Ministry of Sports will offer the constant support and reminded the players their commitment to keep high the name of Queens of the Caribbean.


“The Dominican people don’t expect other thing than winning the championship,” said the minister as he recalled the fans are used to their triumphs which constitutes a real big challenge.


He commented that they are under the same conditions of the baseball team that tried to defend the crown at the World Baseball Classic, and even though they were not able to win the people was happy because of their commitment and big effort shown on the playing field.


“They played with all their hearts and did it with commitment and we hope to have the same attitude from you the volleyball players,” he said.


The Dominican selection was crowned at the NORCECA Championship 2016 and at the U18 Pan American Cup in 2015 and thus becoming the continental number 1 in the U18 class.


Player Camila de la Rosa spoke on behalf of the team and expressed gratitude to minister Diaz for his advice, “one that without any doubt commits everyone of us to give everything on the court” and for his support to our delegation for this trip.


The Dominican team introduced by Eddy Gonzalez consists of Hennesys Lalane, Yaulis Féliz, Mesalina Severino, Flor Marie Colón, Mariela Jiménez, Érica Asencio, Isaura Dájer, Madelin Guillén, Yaneyris Rodríguez, Geraldine González, Raquel Rodríguez and Camila de la Rosa.


The coach is Alexandre Ceccato assisted by Marcos Vinicius. The team manager is Agripina Martinez.