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Executive Committee and Board of Administration meet before XXIV NORCECA Congress

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, October 27, 2017. – Members of the NORCECA Executive Committee and Board of Administration held an extraordinary meeting on the eve of the 24th NORCECA Congress to take place in San Jose, Costa Rica on October 28 and 29.

National Federation representatives will be presented with several proposals and most important of all the achievements of the NORCECA Confederation during the biannual congress that starts on Saturday with working sessions that will be extended until Sunday.

The meeting was opened by NORCECA President Cristobal Marte Hoffiz with welcoming words to the Executive Committee and Board of Administration and to FIVB General Director Mr. Fabio Azevedo as a special guest to the NORCECA 2017 Congress.

“I am delighted to have you all gathered to work for our Confederation and to have Fabio Azevedo joining our meeting, his support is greatly appreciated by us; he will witness how NORCECA has benefited and took full advantage of the six years development funding by FIVB” indicated Marte Hoffiz.

Fabio Azevedo addressed the meeting, “it is an honor and pleasure to be here; the FIVB is working round the clock in planning and making things happen, contributing as partners with NORCECA”.

NORCECA has continued its efforts investing with responsibility for a stronger future, providing courses, organizing events and looking ahead of upcoming competitions; examples are the recent qualification of Trinidad & Tobago for the 2018 FIVB Women’s World Championship as the first ever Caribbean representative and Costa Rica’s 2016 Olympic Games participation in Rio.

Each point in the agenda of the congress was reviewed during the meeting, in which Marte Hoffiz underlined the importance of the financial statements available for anyone to study and any legal matter to be discussed in order to have transparency and good governance. All working documents have been distributed in advance to all National Federations for a successful two-day congress.

The agenda includes the report presentations of the AFECAVOL, CAZOVA, ECVA and Central association Presidents and that of the President of NORCECA Commissions.

“Planning, establishing the right strategies and discussing every matter are crucial to clarify our path to bring volleyball to every corner of our Confederation and continue as one family with one voice” Marte Hoffiz added.

The Executive Committee and Board of Administration approved to name the presidents of each Zonal Association as scrutineers of voting procedures and results during the Congress.