Former president of Cuban Federation passed away in Havana


SANTO DOMINGO, May 23, 2013 – The NORCECA Confederation regrets to inform the passing of Eliseo Acosta Sosa, who presided over the Cuban National Volleyball Federation during the period 1968-80.


He was the founder of the Cuban School of Volleyball and one of the founders of NORCECA Confederation and contributed to the growth of both organizations at worldwide level.


The family of Acosta Sosa informed their relative died as consequence of serious a heart condition for recent years.


“Eliseo Acosta was considered a sport hero in his native country and he was one of the pioneers who believed in NORCECA as an institution to help the development of volleyball in our region,” NORCECA President Cristobal Marte Hoffiz said. “He will be missed and we extend our deepest sympathy to his family and to Cuban volleyball.”