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Guatemala debuts with 3-0 victory over Belize


TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, August 17, 2017. – Guatemala made their debut at the XII AFECAVOL Girls’ U-18 Central American Championship with a straight set victory 3-0 (25-11, 25-18, 25-22) over Belize.


On several occasions Belize was in the lead but Guatemala’s players never lost their calm and went on to finish with a positive note.


Guatemala benefited from 40 opponent errors while committing 24 of their own. Guatemala prevailed with 24-16 advantage in spikes and 9-7 in serves; both teams scored two points on the blocks.


Outside hitter Paola Alvarado of Guatemala led all scorers with 12 kills and two blocks, on a total of 14 points.


Paola Alvarado, captain of Guatemala: “We supported one another the entire match, especially when we came from behind. I believe our communication will be crucial to continue winning, we need more energy and to celebrate each time we score”.


Julio Dominguez, coach of Guatemala: “I am very happy, my girls performed stable, they were very calm despite coming from behind on several occasions. The first match is always difficult, especially coming from traveling 16 hours and I really didn’t expect them to do so well, I am proud of my team. The group’s energy is spectacular and I think that if we keep like this, our results will be positive”.


Jayda Smith, captain of Belize: “We were very excited to start the game and I know we could have won, but we let our guard down and Guatemala took advantage. We need to improve in defense and serving; I expect my team to do better”.  


Delio Arruebarrena, coach of Belize: “My team did very well against a strong opponent like Guatemala; they are always among the finalists. Losing concentration made it hard for my team to keep ahead in the score. Belize allowed too many points while losing serves, which needs to improve”.


Schedule Friday August 18:

8:30     Nicaragua v El Salvador

10:30    Belize v Honduras

12:30    Costa Rica v Guatemala

15:30    Honduras v Nicaragua

17:30    El Salvador v Guatemala

19:30    Belize v Costa Rica