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Hernández to conduct seminar on modern trends in volleyball

PINAR DEL RÍO, Cuba, November 9, 2017.- A seminar on "The new trends of international volleyball" will be conducted on Saturday by Cuban FIVB Instructor Argelio Hernández in the occasion of the NORCECA World Classification Tournament, Group B, held in this city located in the most western part of the island from November 10 to 12.

All the volleyball technicians of the host territory will participate, as well as national and foreign coaches, who in the Faculty of Physical Culture besides the experience of the veteran teacher will enjoy videos to complement the important topic.

"This conference is part of the program of improvement and training of coaches from different levels of our country, starting from the youth category," said Hernández.

He added that these courses deal with important issues for the prospect and development of international volleyball and especially for the projection of the sport in Cuba.

"The current trends have been coming for years and were in practice at the Olympic event in Rio de Janeiro, a series of new concepts that arise in the game that determine how to teach, develop and refine the actions of the game," said the secretary of the FCV.

He made reference to other novel methods, which had validity and results, and others such as organizational teaching, "a phenomenon that has been applied since 1963, mainly in the United States, and we really did not think that it could be applied consistently in what is going on in volleyball."

"It is about the computer related to the game and is applied in the planning of the control of training, in the collection system of collecting data of loads in an orderly manner and to prevent technicians from training instead of just practicing," he said.

Instructor Hernandez, affectionately known as Yeyo, has transmitted his knowledge to several countries of the American continent, as well as in the Regional Volleyball Centers of Tijuana and Santo Domingo.