Hernandez analyzes his posible lineup for MWCH


DOHA, Qatar, August 28, 2014 - Mexican head coach Sergio Hernandez stated that he is analyzing the work of every player in his roster during the training camp sessions and friendly matches held at Al-Arabi Club.


“I’m just trying to see with this matches the way the players are setting on every match, and who of them will be part of the main lineup for Poland,” he said.


“Matches are being held at sea leven and the guys are coming from another training camp in Mexico City where the rebound and movement of the ball is different.”


Hernandez also remarked that He will have to talk a lot more with the players after losing the first two friendly matches. “I have to talk a lot more with them. These defeats cannot be taken as parameters for the World Championship”, he indicated.


“I hope more than them, but they are still in the adapting process because of the hours and altitude difference.”


In their second match, the Mexicans were able to win a set and played with more security on the court.