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Highly competitive Men’s Volleyball expected in Managua


MANAGUA, Nicaragua, December 9, 2017. - The men’s Volleyball tournament at the eleventh Central American Games Managua 2017 running from December 10-16 is expected to be highly competitive at the Alexis Argüello complex.


All the teams were officially registered on Saturday and the competition is ready to start on Sunday morning, with a long tradition of rivalry between the seven national teams of Central America.


The head coaches can’t predict their outcome for next week’s competition.


Albert Humes, Head Coach of Belize: “Of all the years we have been competing, I think we’re at the point where we are expected to do very well. After competing in the World championship qualifier we learned how to win, so we expect to win. The team has young players, but I call them young-old players because they have been playing for a long period of time and they have experience; our age average is 26 years old”.


Juan Acuña, Head coach of Costa Rica: “The team has worked for a whole year for the competition. We have three important changes from the line-up we used for the recent continental NORCECA championship. Costa Rica always has their mind set in winning the gold medal”.


Nery Henriquez, Head coach of El Salvador: “Our preparation begun last year during the World qualifier tournament, in which we started from less to more but we didn’t finish among the medalists for a small difference in results, adding to the fact the Dominican Republic competed in that tournament. We’ve modified that team and started to prepare harder since May; we hope to surprise our opponents”.


Reider Lucas, Head coach of Guatemala: “My team recently competed at the continental NORCECA championship and the final phase of the world qualification tournament, the guys are motivated, with experience playing against high performing teams and they wish to represent Guatemala well. We will fight; we won’t underestimate any team because we all have the same opportunity to win”.


Juan Andres Leon, Head coach of Honduras: “Honduras has very talented players as well as all the teams in Central America; the men’s division is very competitive. I’ve been coaching Honduras for three months; I’ve invited new players to the senior category that will have new responsibilities. It hasn’t been easy to gather the whole team, we need more discipline and to invest time to improve our performance. The entire Central American region has a lot of potential; I really hope that we can all benefit from these Games”.


Osman Hernández, Head coach of Nicaragua: “We have a big responsibility as hosts and we want to do well. The team has suffered a restructure; we are bringing young players with five senior ones. Our U-21 team has given excellent results since the U-19 category and we’ve included, among others, Jonny and Byron that give height and power to our team”.


Eugenio Ortiz, Coach of Panama: “We’ve been practicing for a period of four months, 70% of the team has been able to gather because of the remaining players live too far away. I believe my team is well prepared and I don’t know what to expect. The team consists of four senior players and the rest are younger. My goal is to put Panama in the first places of the region”.