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Honduras closes opening day defeating El Salvador 

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, August 17, 2017. – Honduras closed opening day of the XII AFECAVOL Girls’ U-18 Central American Championship defeating El Salvador 3-0 (25-17, 25-13, 25-18).

With a considerable amount of spectators cheering for both sides, Honduras prevailed over El Salvador with overwhelming margin in all categories. The home team finished with 28-8 advantage in spikes, 9-1 in blocks and 14-6 in serves.

Middle blocker Reer James of Honduras scored impressive 25 points on 11 kills, 11 serves and 3 blocks as top scorer of the day; Nathaly Jimenez also joined in with 14 points, on 11 kills and 6 blocks included. Paola Pineda led El Salvador with 6 points.

Nathaly Jiménez, captain of Honduras: “Our serve was our best skill; we have practiced it a lot because it’s what puts the ball in action. We had a rough start but we were able to concentrate and work together to finish with a win”.

Catarine Leiva, coach of Honduras: “We have been working for this, my girls put up a good fight. Our best weapon is our serves and tonight it worked beautifully, it was our ace under the table. Honduras played step by step, because it was a slow start; for our next performance we must start stronger and focused”.

Daniela Sanchez, captain of El Salvador: “We really thought we could win but our opponent was too strong. The whole team performed to their best, our efforts wasn’t enough to keep the ball flying. For our next match we will communicate better and play with more confidence, these are things that we must improve”.

Eric Hernandez, coach of El Salvador: “The girls had a bad attitude, they must play with a winning mentality and it’s their first tournament so they lack exposure. This has to stay in the past and now it’s time to think about our next opponent. Honduras really applied themselves despite that we pushed hard at the beginning”.