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Honduras downs Panama in women’s opener


MANAGUA, Nicaragua, December 10, 2017. - Honduras downed Panama in thrilling 3-1 (24-26, 25-22, 27-25, 25-16)   women’s Volleyball opening match at the eleventh Central American Games Managua 2017 at Alexis Argüello sports complex.


Honduras struggled to control a resilient Panama that started off with a 4 point advantage in set one. Honduras kept on pressing with fast moves and tough serves; Panama gave in up to set four.


Honduras’ significant 11-6 margin in aces was crucial to their victory, while scoring on 47 opponent errors; and they held a slim 11-10 advantage in blocks. Panama did better in attacks with 39-32 margin.


Cecille Johnson topped Honduras with 16 kills on 18 points and Hyxe Napky scored 10 points on 7 kills and 3 aces. Hashlyn Cuero led Panama with 17 points; Angela Evans contributed with 16 points and Joanna Arroyo with 11 points.


On day two of competition, Panama faces El Salvador and Honduras plays to hosts Nicaragua.


Captain of Honduras Tessa Flores: “Our serves were effective up to the fourth set, from there our passing and blocking allowed us to move away from Panama. At the beginning we were too insecure in our serves; we were able to finish on top with less difficulty when our serves improved. We expected to win because we’ve been practicing and made many sacrifices; we hope te play well against our next opponent, Nicaragua”. 


Captain of Panama Joanna Arroyo: “I believe in my team, I know they will improve as the tournament develops. It wasn’t our best performance; we have much more power and better quality. We’ve won to Honduras on numerous occasions, that’s why they were celebrated like they did, but it was our debut. Our serves were too erratic”.


Head coach of Honduras Osiel Vasquez: “In set one, the girls didn’t follow our tactic to serve to position one; when they began to follow instructions, they went on playing with more confidence and winning sets. The team is learning well, I’ve been in charge of the team for three months”.


Head coach of Panama Mercedez Pomares: “My team was out of control and they only played the first set; I expect much more from my girls, I know then can do better. This wasn’t an easy opponent. It was difficult to adjust to such an open space, we practice in a closed gym and the ball here floats too much, influencing our performance, mostly while receiving and serving”.