PRESS RELEASE July/27/2008

USA confirmed its quality by winning the gold

SALTILLO, Coahuila, July 27, 2008.- The team of United States confirmed its class and the crown by defeating the Dominican Republic in three sets in the gold medal match of the NORCECA Women’s Junior Volleyball Tournament.


The Americans won 25-21, 25-20, 25-18 and convinced that the loss suffered to the same Dominicans (3-1) in the first day was precisely a surprise, since starting from there they began an ascent that never stopped until the highest point of the podium.


The best scorer for the monarchs was Gina Mancuso (13, followed by Michelle Bartsch (12) and Darcy Dorton (10).


Dominican Jeoselyna Rodriguez (14) was the best scorer of her team and the match.


As it was in the continental championship of this category in 2006 in Monterrey, the Americans and Dominicans disputed the title, even though they went into five sets on that occasion.


Paula Weishoff: “Congratulations to the Dominicans for their qualification to the World Championship, and I knew we had to play almost perfect to defeat them, because they are not so small, it is a good team and we had the purpose of blocking and nullify Lisvel Eve, maybe the best player of the tournament.”


Enrique Larrazaleta, coach of Dominican Republic:  “United Status is a great team, the reception failed and to counteract the blocking we had to receive very well. Our athletes never gave up, gave their best, but we faced a team that lifted everything, we tried to do the same, but our opponents prevented it, they have a great team and I congratulate them for their title.”


Darcy Dorton, captain of United States: “The Dominican played a great game, it was fun to play against them, I am very happy because we won, we had three goals at the beginning: to qualify to the World Championship, to win the gold and having a good time, we achieved all of them.”


Niverka Marte, captain of Dominican Republic: “I knew the game was not going to be an easy one, we defeated them the first day, but I was sure they were going to study usm and today they lifted everything, nothing bounced on their side, they played very loose, opposed to us who surrended in the third set. I congratulated them for the victory.”

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