PRESS RELEASE June/07/2008

Trinidad & Tobago blanked Puerto Rico for the sixth place

WINNIPEG, Canada, June 7, 2008.- The win of Trinidad and Tobago over Puerto Rico gives them the sixth place. Trinidad & Tobago managed to end the game in four sets. Set scores were: 23-25, 25-18, 25-22, 25-23.


All through this tournament, Trinidad & Tobago always kept a high energy on court. They constantly reduce their number of mistakes, leaving no chance to the Puerto Rico crew during this last match.


Nolan Tash was the head scorer for Trinidad & Tobago, with 26 points. Teammates Mark Daly and Marc Anthony Honore both got 12 points. The young Sequiel Sanchez and the tall Jackson Rivera each cumulated 14 points for Puerto Rico, while Angel Ruiz earned 11 tallies.


Coach of Trinidad & Tobago, Augusto Sabbatini said some touching words about his players: “The men’s volleyball program is just starting in Trinidad & Tobago and this win represent a lot for us. Psychologically, it means more than a ranking to my guys. We are growing together and going through a lot of emotions. We are one big family. My team is my family”.


“We are definitely happy with this tournament. Our libero was injured so we had to adjust but all the guys handled it perfectly. We played with our heart and we had fun.” stated Trinidad & Tobago captain, Mark Daly

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