PRESS RELEASE 21/06/2007

What the Coaches said before the start in Colima


COLIMA, Mexico, June 21, 2007.- The twelve coaches participating of the Sixth Women’s Pan American Cup outlined their goals on the eve of the start of the competition during a meeting with the media at Hotel Maria Isabel in Colima.


Here is what the coaches stated:


Carlos DeLeonardo (ARG): “We are very proud to participate in this prestigious event. In think we are well prepared with a young team with desire of growing and this will be a great experience.”


Luiz Omar Moura (BRA): “This is a very young team that won the World Championship U-18 in Macau two years ago and now will represent Brazil at the U-20 World Championship in Thailand next month.”


Naoki Miyashita (CAN): “We are coming with a young team. Our goal is to gain experience and we will try our best against so many good teams.”


Eladio Vargas (CRC): “Our goal is to continue getting experience as we have been participating in different international competitions against very powerful teams.”\


Antonio Perdomo (CUB): “We are very happy to once again take part in the Pan American Cup and our goal is to qualify for the Grand Prix of 2008 and continue our preparation toward the Olympic Games.”


Miguel Beato Cruz (DOM): “There is no doubt that the quality of this event continues to grown and as a team my goal is to qualify for the Grand Prix. We have a mix of young and veteran players and it will be a good chance to prepare us for the Pan American Games.”


Macario Gonzalez (MEX): “We are in a process of renovation and have included four junior players in our squad. Our goal is to advance to the second round and our fans can be sure that we are going to leave the skin on the flood trying to reach it.”


Enio Figueiredo (PER): “Peru has a great tradition in women’s volleyball. I found a group of experienced players with some young ones. We have not trained a lot and our focus right now is the preparation for the Pan American Games.”


Juan Carlos Nunez (PUR): “Our team has been in the Cup every year and the quality of the competition is much better now. I hope to keep growing with my team and the chance to face these tough competitors.”


Francisco Cruz (TRI): “We are taking part for the first time and we had to battle a lot but the young girls are coming here with great desire of competing and getting experience.”


Rafael Codina (URU): “We are coming to get experience and the hope of making a good showing. There are a lot of superior teams here and our young players will benefit from competing against those powers.”


Lang Ping (USA): “Our goal is to once again qualify our team to the Grand Prix of next year. We have a lot of young players and the Pan American Cup will be a good opportunity to give them the international exposure they need.” 

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