PRESS RELEASE 09/06/2007

Lefty Mexican Jose Martell was elected the MVP 

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, June 9, 2007.- Veteran Jose Martell, whose leadership qualities and overall ability, helped Mexico to win the gold medal of the Men’s Volleyball Pan American Cup, was elected as the Most Valuable Player of the competition.

The lefty hitter Martell was the only member of the new champions in the All-Star Team, which reflects the team-effort made by the Mexican squad during the whole tournament.

Cuban Yadier Sanchez won the best scorer and best attacker categories and Dominican Amaury Martinez was both the best receiver and libero.

Canadian Mark Dodds made the ideal team as best server and Puerto Ricans Fernando Morales and Angel Matias were selected best setter and defender respectively. Cuban Raidel Gonzalez topped the list of blockers. 

Best scorers: Yadier Sanchez (CUB), 103; Mark Dodds (CAN), 97; Victor Bird (PUR), 95; Jose Martell (MEX), 93; Nolan Tash (TRI), 79; Gustavo Meyer (MEX), 68; Juan Garcia (MEX), 62; Raidel Gonzalez (CUB), 60; Domingo Avila (PAN), 60; Raidel Delgafo (CUB), 57; Kris Brand (CAN), 57. 

Best attackers: Yadier Sanchez (CUB), 61.15; Jose Caceres (DOM), 57.32; Raidel Delgado (CUB), 55.95; Marc Honore (TRI), 53.85; Marc Dodds (CAN), 53.13; Juan Garcia (MEX), 52.50; Irving Bricio (MEX), 52.22; Roberto Muniz (PUR), 51.22; Gustavo Meyer (MEX), 50.89; Victor Bird (PUR), 49.72. 

Best blockers: Raidel Gonzalez (CUB), 0.89; Juan Garcia (MEX), 0.80; Marc Honore (TRI), 0.77; Josue Nunez (PUR), 0.69; Jose Martell (MEX), 0.65; Osmany Camejo (CUB), 0.61; Darien Ferrer (CUB), 0.56; Eury Almonte (CUB), 0.56; Leo Carroll (CAN), 0.50; Edward Diaz (PAN), 0.47. 

Best servers: Mark Dodds (CAN), 0.50; Raidel Gonzalez (CUB), 0.44; Elvis Contreras (DOM), 0.38; Enrique Escalante (PUR), 0.38; Marc Honore (TRI), 0.38; Gustavo Meyer (MEX), 0.30; Raidel Delgado (CUB), 0.28; Juan Pozo (DOM), 0.25;  Leo Carroll (CAN), 0.20; Irving Bricio (MEX), 0.20.

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