Larson and Bethania finish 1-2 in USA League

DALLAS, Texas, April 1, 2021 - American star Jordan Larson dominated the inaugural season of the Athletes Unlimited Volleyball League, the newest professional league in the United States.


The 34-year-old outside hitter Larson was crowned the first-ever league champion when the inaugural season of the five-week event was concluded in Dallas.


The Athletes Unlimited League uses a unique system in which players earn points for successful actions during matches such as kills, digs and aces, and lose points if they make errors in those same skills. Additional points are given to the match winners and to the three Most Valuable Players of each match.


A two-time Olympic silver medalist and a 2014 world champion, Larson ended the season with a comfortable lead as the American registered a total of 4,569 points over the course of the five weeks and 15 matches she played.


Dominican star Bethania De La Cruz finished second with 3,690 while Canadian setter Brie King ranked third with 3,675. Puerto Rican Aury Cruz was next with 3,582 points.


Larson was the top scorer of the first and fourth weeks of the event with 1,021 and 1,205 points respectively. She was fourth in Week 2 with 807, fifth in Week 3 with 824 and sixth in Week 5 with 712.


She also saw the teams she played for win 11 of their 15 matches over the course of the tournament. New teams were formed by the 45 players who took part in the league every week and the top four performers of the previous week were tasked with drafting their teammates.


Puerto Rican libero Nomaris Velez Agosto was also awarded for her individual performance as she was voted by the players and members of the Unlimited Club the Defensive Player of the Year. She earned a total of 2,434 points.