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Lolette Rodriguez of Nicaragua MVP at AFECAVOL WCQT


MANAGUA, Nicaragua, December 4, 2016. – Nicaragua’s setter Lolette Rodriguez was awarded as the Most Valuable Player MVP of the AFECAVOL Women’s FIVB World Championship qualification tournament as her team topped the event undefeated at IND Volleyball Venue in Managua.


Lolette Rodriguez received the MVP recognition and the award as Best Setter during the closing ceremony chaired by Bertha Cuadra President of Nicaragua’s Volleyball Federation and Jose Jimenez Lao NORCECA Supervisor.


Also from the home team, Juny Aguilera was the Best Libero and Best Receiver of the event; Amalia Hernandez received the award as Second Best Spiker.


Blanca Recinos was awarded as First Best Spiker, Rut Gomez as Best Opposite, Ada Villalobos as Second Best Blocker and Maria Alvarez as Best Receiver; all members of Guatemala’s national team that finished in second place.


The Best Scorer and Best Server of the tournament were Cecille Johnson and Lourdes Morales respectively, both from Honduras.

Panama’s Angela Evans was granted the award for First Best Blocker.


Final Standing: 1. Nicaragua; 2. Guatemala; 3. Panama; 4. El Salvador; 5. Honduras.


All Stars tam:

Best Setter Lolette Rodriguez, Panama

1st Best Blocker Angela Evans, Panama

2nd Best Blocker Ada Villalobos, Guatemala

1st Best Spiker Blanca Recinos, Guatemala

2nd Best Spiker Amalia Hernandez, Nicaragua

Best Libero Juny Aguilera, Nicaragua

Best Opposite Rut Gomez, Guatemala