Panama hosts historic Coaches Course


PANAMA CITY, Panama, March 11, 2012 – The first Level 1 FIVB Coaches Course to be held in Panama in 10 years is currently underway in its capital Panama City.


The 12-day course is being run in collaboration with Olympic Solidarity and the Panama Volleyball Federation under the direction of FIVB instructor Argelio Hernandez from Cuba.


A total of 37 participants are taking part including seven women with the majority being active coaches and teachers from various levels within Panama.


In total, the FIVB Coaching Course program includes three levels of courses.


The objectives of the FIVB Coaches Courses are:


To improve the knowledge and competence of coaches and teachers, so that they may gain recognition as FIVB coaches.


To present the most recent trends of the modern game of volleyball.

To establish in so far as possible a unified system for training coaches in all zones.


To enable each national federation to develop national courses and an internal method of training and qualifying coaches and teachers.


To exchange ideas and experiences.