Men’s Pan American Cup ready to get underway in Colima


COLIMA, Mexico, June 14, 2019. -  The organizing committee of the fourteenth Men’s Senior Pan American Cup is taking care of the final details at the Multifunctional Auditorium in Colima as the competition is ready to get underway on Sunday.


Members of the Men’s Pan American cup control committee held a joint meeting with the local organizing committee and the Mexican Volleyball Federation staff that included several inspection visits carried out during the day.


President of the South American Volleyball Confederation, Dr. Rafael Lloreda, conducted the meeting expressing “we are all delighted to be in Colima and enjoy this new opportunity at such an important event. On behalf of Cristobal Marte Hoffiz, who was scheduled to chair this event, but due to the passing of his beloved sister wasn’t able to be here, we are pleased to work hard and making this another successful Pan American event”.


Leading the organizing committee, Dr. Ciria Margarita Salazar, Director of the Colima Sport’s Institute said “thank you for trusting in us, Colima is up to the challenge of hosting the Men’s Pan American Cup at an extraordinary venue. As a former volleyball player, I am excited to join Colima’s dynamic spectators in these days ahead and I am sure of its positive outcome”.


This will be the first international sports event hosted at the Multifunctional Auditorium in Colima, which has been fully renovated for the competition, with a capacity of 3000 spectators.


Gabriel Ramos, Operations Director of the organizing committee, was in charge of conducting the inspections to all the facilities, attending every request by each of the members of the control committee.


The team’s preliminary enquiries and general technical meeting are scheduled for Saturday on the eve of the competition that will feature six daily matches, all televised by NORCECA TV.