Mexico tops pool A to move into semifinals

DURANGO, Mexico, August 20, 2021. - Mexico defeated Canada 3-0 (25-21, 28-26, 25-21) to top pool A and move into the semifinals of the Men’s NORCECA Continental Championship in Durango, Mexico.

Mexico moved into Sunday’s semifinals undefeated and Canada finished third place in pool A to play the quarterfinals against United States, who lost to Cuba and finished second of pool B.

The home team was better in blocking 9-4 and serves 3-1, while Canada held 39-30 advantage in attacks. Mexico scored on 36 opponent errors while allowing 24.

Opposite Diego González was Mexico’s leading scorer with 13 points, followed by outside hitter Josué López who scored 9 points. Canada’s opposite Xander Ketrzynski scored 16 points and outside hitter Brandon Koppers contributed with 10 points.

Pedro Rangel, Captain of Mexico: “We reached the first goal; the guys continue to respond well and focused. We were prepared for Canada to come out with everything they have, looking to win. They came from less to better and pushed hard, we failed in serves but we were able to receive well and that made the difference”.

Jorge Azair, Coach of Mexico: “My boys showed they are capable, they’ve been patient while performing, these are hard matches and despite their young age they play with maturity. The tournament is even and what’s important now is that we did the first step”.

Larry McKay, Coach of Canada: “Mexico’s serving was better than ours, they were good in other areas but the serves were key. We need to improve everywhere, especially our service that will be key to face the United States in quarterfinals.