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Mijal Hines of Costa Rica named MVP at Central American Games


MANAGUA, Nicaragua, December 16, 2017. - Captain of Costa Rica Mijal Hines was named as the Most Valuable Player MVP of the women’s Volleyball tournament at the eleventh Central American Games Managua 2017 at Alexis Argüello sport complex.


Mijal Hines received the recognition during the awarding ceremony after Costa Rica won their fourth consecutive title with unbeaten record. Mijal was also awarded with the First Best Middle Blocker.


Juny Aguilera of Nicaragua was the Best Defense of the event, while her team picked up the silver medal.


From Guatemala, Blanca Recinos was awarded as Second Best Spiker and Best Server, Rut Gomez was granted the awards for Best Scorer and Best Opposite, and Jessica Caal was the Best Setter. Guatemala won the bronze medal.


Panama’s Joanna Arroyo and Angela Evans received the award as First Best Spiker and Second Best Middle Blocker respectively.


Lesby Midence of Honduras was awarded as Best Libero and Best Receiver.


Final Standing: 1. Costa Rica; 2. Nicaragua; 3. Guatemala; 4. Honduras; 5. Panama; 6. El Salvador; 7. Belize.


Individual Awards:

MVP: Mijal Hines, Costa Rica

Best Scorer: Rut Gomez, Guatemala

First Best Spiker: Joanna Arroyo, Panama

Second Best Spiker: Blanca Recinos, Guatemala

First Best Middle Blocker:  Mijal Hines, Costa Rica

Second Best Middle Blocker: Angela Evans, Panama

Best Opposite: Rut Gomez, Guatemala

Best Setter: Jessica Caal, Guatemala

Best Libero: Lesby Midence, Honduras

Best Defense: Juny Aguilera, Nicaragua

Best Receiver: Lesby Midence, Honduras

Best Service: Blanca Recinos, Guatemala