Mini Volleyball course begins in Tijuana



TIJUANA, Mexico, March 4, 2016  - A Mini Volleyball Seminar began at the FIVB-Norceca Regional Development Center in Baja California.


The Seminar that held its official opening ceremony on Friday is divided in three phases and the first one concludes on Sunday.


The sessions are directed by Cuban international instructor Ariel Sainz, who is also member of the Norceca Volleyball Confederation and President of the Cuban Volleyball Federation.


Opening Ceremony took part at the Development Center lecture room, with the presence of Baja California Institute High Performance Director, Cesar Osuna, and the Center Activities Coordinator, Alberto Arreola.


Some of the topics analyzed during the first day of activities were about the process of learning and being familiarized with the game through different pedagogic and ludic tools for the teachers.


Working properly with children is part of the main goals of the seminar whose main sessions have been theoretical as part of the first phase.


The next two phases are expected to take part between may and june with practical activities and workshop to improve their concepts and classroom experiences.


This is the second course developed at the center in 2016, as part of the goals pursued by the Norceca, to train and update coaches’ knowledge in many different aspects of the game.