Mireya Luis meets with AFECAVOL reps to NORCECA Athlete’s Commission

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, December 14 2020.- Cuban legend and three-time Olympic champion Mireya Luis met with AFECAVOL representatives to the recently created NORCECA Athlete’s commission which she presides.

Ingrid Morales, Paola Ramírez and Luis Alberto Salgado, appointed by AFECAVOL to the NORCECA Athlete’s commission had the opportunity to exchange and share ideas with Mireya Luis, who underlined the importance of being the athlete’s voice at NORCECA and AFECAVOL.

AFECAVOL President Félix Sabio, AFECAVOL Vice-President Bertha Cuadra and AFECAVOL Administrative Secretary Prof. José Luis Jiménez Lao also joined the meeting, as well as Marcelo Araya of Costa Rica, appointed to the AFECAVOL Athletés Commission; the rest of the members will be completed by their National Federations during the days ahead.

Ingrid Morales, said “it is with great pleasure that I join this group that represents Central American athletes, with the purpose of giving back and contributing together what we’ve received from volleyball. Much of our success as athletes comes from being part of the NORCECA Volleyball Confederation”.

Mireya Luis said to be grateful for this opportunity to share with AFECAVOL members in this first of many encounters to work in benefit of our athletes “it is an honor to handover my experience as ex athlete and ex member of the International Olympic Committee Athlete’s Commission for eight years; trying to develop volleyball with the same vision and transparency”.

She also explained about the responsibility to support athletes, to stimulate and motivate new generations, be an inspiration with simple actions and goodwill, “coming together just to chat like today is of great impact for our sport” Mireya added.

Morales, Ramírez and Salgado have been working on the Afecavol Athlete’s Commission structure, including projects to enhance Central America’s volleyball roots, knowing where we come from, helping athletes with international exposure and creating innovating ideas such as the All Stars Game during Central American championships, special recognitions handed out by the commission for athletes and offering the necessary tools for their personal and sport’s development.

Prof. José Luis Jiménez Lao expressed that AFECAVOL is already appointing members of the athlete’s commission to the other thirteen AFECAVOL working commissions, which reinforces its commitment to benefit all athletes.

President Félix Sabio thanked Mireya Luis, who he personally esteems, for her time and contribution to the athlete’s commission, “this marks a historic opportunity for our region; Mireya’s long trajectory is of great importance of this commissions purpose, as they are AFECAVOL’s best; their ideas as well as all their initiatives are highly respected”.  

Sabio also indicated that all AFECAVOL working commissions will have his companionship and support “I am committed, along with a group of coordinators and the member of my executive committee, to help the projects this wish to embark, each one has a lot to contribute and I am grateful for the time they have been investing in volleyball’s development in our zone and putting our association at the vanguard of the other NORCECA associations”.

Mireya closed the meeting with the following “our reason of being here all the athletes, they are the most important asset and we must not lose that vision; speaking of the future and what we are capable of doing causes me great emotion; I am sure you will do your job well”.