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Mireya explains the human side of her career


San Jose, Costa Rica, October 30, 2017 - The former Cuban volleyball star Mireya Luis presented today the book Entre cielo y tierra-Mireya Luis, where she tells the story of her life, written by the journalist from the largest of the Antilles Oscar Sánchez


With expressions of gratitude for the presence in the auditorium of the members of the national and youth teams, as well as Beach Volleyball and ex-stars of that sport of Costa Rica, and the leaders of the Confederation of North, Central America and the Caribbean of the discipline, Mireya told anecdotes of his existence, inside and outside the taraflex.


Being an Olympic champion - she was three times and all in a row in 1992, 1996 and 2000 - it's almost like touching the glory, she said and laughing among her followers in the so-called high net sport she told how they did not want to do her the tests of fitness for being too short in stature, but only until she showed she was able to touch the ceiling when jumping.


The power in the attack is as famous as its power of jump -3,40 meters-a height that is considered the highest reached by a volleyball player. Admiring her compatriot Mercedes Pomares for her intelligence when it comes to attacking or disguising.


Speaking to Prensa Latina, Mireya said she was very happy and happy to present the book in Costa Rica surrounded by young volleyball players to whom she transmitted the message of 'you want, you can', alluding to achieving something you have to put all the effort and dedication.


It is very pleasant to be able to share my life with them, express my affection, tell them anecdotes, what I have done and why, she said and added that if they ever feel they have not reached where they want, there will always be those who encourage and support them, as it happened to me with my mother, who was her first and main psychologist.


In the introduction to the presentation, Humberto Rodríguez, husband of Mireya and former president of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation of Cuba, said that Entre cielo y tierra-Mireya Luis is a contribution to the literature of sports not only on the island Caribbean, but of the whole world.


Mireya is a paradigm of world volleyball, but it is not a work that addresses the purely sporting issue and that is why it makes a difference and its author Oscar Sánchez took as a starting point the human being seen from his humblest roots to reach the highest honors and titles in his discipline, he said.


This book gives athletes, coaches and talent scouts the mysteries that do not always appear in the training camp or the preparation notebooks that are the feelings, how far you can go when there is a commitment, when there are sustained values ​​from the family to the homeland.


Mireya answered several questions of those present, autographed books and took numerous photographs.


The presentation of the book, which already had similar actions in Peru, Haiti, Argentina and Brazil - during the Olympic Games in 2016 - and soon in Nicaragua, was also attended by the Ambassador of Cuba in Costa Rica, Danilo Sánchez.