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Mireya participate in chat with Dominican girls


SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, June 15, 2018 – Cuban volleyball legend Mireya Luis shared her experiences on and off the court with more than 150 members of the Dominican Republic Female Project on Thursday.


The winner of three Olympic gold medals and many other accolades and trophies was invited to participate in the activity by Cristobal Marte Hoffiz, president of the Dominican Republic program of Female Volleyball.


Mireya related memories of her beginnings in volleyball and her struggles to progress many obstacles before reaching the national team of Cuba.


She also recalled her origins and how she always aimed to become a better player but above all a better person.


The conversation with the members of the different levels took more than four hours and she patiently answered many questions from the players.


“It was a rich experience for me,” said Luis. “I had the chance to interact with the girls and make a trip to the past and recreate my playing career and the good and bad moments I had to go through.”


“They are a great bunch of girls with wonderful tutors and I can foresee a great future for the Dominican Republic in women’s volleyball,” she said.