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NORCECA Congress discusses new projects

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, October 29, 2017.- NORCECA Congress discussed the proposals of developing  a sports partnership with Special Olympics, the creation of NORCECA TV and the introduction of Girls’ U16 and Boys’ U17 categories.

NORCECA Congress received the visit of the Special Olympics to create consciousness in establishing a partnership as an obligation to get on board the inclusion of athletes with special intellectual capacities.

The Special Olympics organization was created 50 years ago and the FIVB came on board the project during the past Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and now NORCECA is encouraged to contribute with them as well.

Catalina Cervantes Gamboa, athlete of Special Olympics, addressed congress with a compelling speech “I motivate you to join our cause in favor of equality, our differences should not be a matter of discrimination; we are athletes that practice strongly and achieve many victories, but we cannot do it alone. Together we can encourage tolerance thru your beautiful sport, our message could be stronger and we will compensate you with the highest moral values of lending a helping hand proving that we are capable of becoming volleyball players”.

In her message she added “a good leader is not one who speaks a lot, but that who people believe in what he says”.

Marte Hoffiz indicated that NORCECA has enormous potential and can provide equipment, share technical knowledge and join forces in contributing to a better society signing a partnership with memorandum of understanding.

Another project that was set in practice this year was NORCECA TV in partnership with Internetv, consisting in a one year trial period. A pilot program of seven major competitions, as a starting point was webcasted in high definition and viewers could purchase special packages to enjoy volleyball.

The project has to be discussed in terms of broadcasting rights, digital rights, at least a bilingual transmission and revenues for NORCECA.  A wider analysis will be presented to the Board of Administration to make an evaluated decision.

The creation of Girls’ U16 and Boys’ U17 categories were approved, starting with NORCECA continental championships in 2018 and the Pan American championships in 2019; both competitions will be held every two years.

The FIVB Development 2017 Projects Hub Applications were discussed. NORCECA is the only confederation to complete the FIVB National Federation Survey and fifteen National Federations have already been confirmed to benefit from this program.   

In other matter, the 2018-2020 Volleyball calendars were reviewed, according to NORCECA’s rotating hosting schedule, which can be modified. The 2018 final calendar will be approved in January.  

In order to motivate hosting countries of the NORCECA Beach Volleyball Tour, NORCECA has increased financial support to 50% for category I and II Federations.

Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Panama, Cuba, Bahamas, Antigua & Barbuda, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Grenada, Martinique, Honduras along with Trinidad & Tobago, confirmed their intention to host the 2018 NORCECA Beach Volleyball Tour.