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NORCECA Financial Report approved by BOA


SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, June 9, 2017 – NORCECA Board of Administration approved the financial report of the institution corresponding to 2016 as well as its projected budget for 2017-18.


It was a very dynamic afternoon day one session with many members taking part in the discussions while expressing their points of view.


The report was presented by Ms. Olga Rivas, financial manager of NORCECA who was introduced by Alberto Arreola, president of the Finance Commission and Wilbur Harrigan, Treasurer of NORCECA. She was accompanied by internal account Ms Miguelina Martinez.


Ms. Rivas made a detailed explanation of the audited financial statements of NORCECA and also made a comparative presentation of the financial assistance received from FIVB and the assistance the confederation is providing to the national federations and zonal associations.


She also explained the distribution of sport equipment among all the national federations and also the financial support for the events of beach volleyball.


The Board of Administration also approved a new scale for annual affiliation fee to FIVB and NORCECA based on the category of the national federations.