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NORCECA President offers assistance to Puerto Rico


SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, September 24, 2017 – The president of NORCECA Confederation Cristobal Marte Hoffiz expressed his solidarity to the volleyball family of Puerto Rico following the catastrophic damages caused in the island by hurricanes Irma and Maria this past week.


The flooding and gusty winds caused nearly a dozen of deaths and thousands in shelters following the devastating path of the natural events. The island has been without electricity power for more than a week and the reports are it would take months before the service is completely restored.


“Our prayers are with our friends from Puerto Rico who have suffered the direct impact of these hurricanes,” Marte Hoffiz said.


The president of NORCECA remitted a letter to Puerto Rican Volleyball Federation president, Dr. César Trabanco, expressing his feelings and from the members of NORCECA.


“I hope we can in some way give assistance to Puerto Rican Federation as they try to overcome this situation of calamity,” Marte Hoffiz said.


“Puerto Rican Federation is one of the most important within NORCECA as they are the only with professional leagues in both genders,” he said.