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NORCECA leaders discuss future plans


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, September 30, 2017 - President of NORCECA, Cristobal Marte Hoffiz, together with Vice President Mushtaque Mohammed who is also president of the NORCECA Development Commission had time to discuss plans for the future of NORCECA Development Plan.  


Both were in Colorado Springs, USA for the NORCECA Men’s World Championships Qualification Tournament where 3 teams will qualify for the World Championships to be held in Bulgaria and Italy in 2018.


NORCECA Development Plan has an important direct impact on the Category I and II National Federation for the development of Volleyball and Beach Volleyball within the NORCECA Zones of AFECAVOL, CAZOVA and ECVA. Over the past six years, President Marte commented that “the investment made, one that also counted with the financial support of FIVB, has impacted the growth and development of the 35 National Federation and Regional Members and we have started to experience results as we can see the performances of their national teams in volleyball and beach volleyball, within the confederation and also at FIVB events”.  


At this time it is important for the Norceca to retool it’s effort and work towards being self sufficient by 2020.  This can be achieved by ensuring a strong Confederation's marketing plan so that the volleyball activities and events within NORCECA can increase the annual income necessary for the development of the Category I and II  National Federations . In addition, as we continue to invest in the various development programs of each national federation, it is important to ensure that they improve their administrative capacities, commented, Mohammed. This will ensure that the management of National Federation will improve and soon the respective National Federations and Regional Members will be able to also have their own marketing plan in order to also contribute with their own National Development Programs.


It was indeed a fruitful discussion according the CAZOVA President as we (president Marte and I) were also able to discuss the future of NORCECA administration and how to continue improving in all aspects.  President Marte emphasized that the National Federation and Regional Members are the owners of NORCECA and we are their employees to manage volleyball and beach volleyball the best way possible serving their interest within the continent.  They have elected the Executive Committee and Board of Administration to make decisions that will ensure that the confederations and the sport are sustainable, said President Marte. We are proud to say that as President of NORCECA, we take full consideration of the council and advise coming form the Board of Administration, working Commission of NORCECA and its membership, one that we are constantly in communication with to ensure that NORCECA is in the right path of their expectation and best interest.


Both Gentlemen became part of NORCECA since 1988 and continue to serve selflessly the Confederation, the region and the sport of volleyball and beach volleyball.